Privacy Policy

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We respect other people’s intellectual property and are dedicated to resolving any disagreements amicably. You can learn more about’s notification of alleged copyright infringement method on this website. If you believe that any content uploaded on this site violates your copyrights and you are a copyright owner or the lawfully authorized representative of a copyright owner, you can notify us by contacting. Please note that all information must be supplied in English. Your notification must include the following details: evidence that you have the right to speak for the person whose exclusive copyright is allegedly being violated; A specific description of the allegedly infringed material along with enough information to identify it on our website are what our readers are accustomed to seeing. By covering news that are significant to or interesting to our readers, our primary goal is to serve the public interest. To always offer fair and accurate coverage, we strive for the highest reporting standards. Our knowledge offers expert judgment and concise analysis. To guarantee that our articles reflect a wide diversity of opinion and that no important school of thought is either under-represented or altogether ignored, we stay objective and reflect the thoughts and opinions of our readers. We are not subject to any agreements or outside interests that would jeopardize our honesty. To inform, educate, and entertain our site’s visitors, we publish original content. In a nutshell, News guards against people being purposely deceived by the claims or deeds of people or organizations. Conflicts of interest will be avoided whenever and wherever practicable by News. When content is published where a potential conflict of interest exists, a disclaimer will be included. Hateful language and bullying Content for News must not promote discrimination or encourage hatred towards anybody based on their race, ethnicity, religion, disability, age, nationality, veteran status, sexual orientation, gender, or any other characteristic. Our content cannot bully, intimidate, or harass anyone. Security and offensive content Articles that threaten violence to oneself or others or call for their harm will not be published on News. News will not publish material with explicit sexual language, images, sounds, videos or games.Articles that promote a sexual act in exchange for payment or include non-consensual sexual themes will not be published by us. We won’t post any material that involves the sex abuse of children. News promises not to publish any explicit themes in family-friendly material. We won’t publish any articles with harmful or unwanted software. The news site will not publish any material that encourages unlawful behavior or violates the legal rights of others. Copyright Articles published on News may not violate or infringe upon the intellectual property rights, including copyright, trademark, privacy, and publicity rights, of any third party. In order to strike a balance between privacy and our right to broadcast information, News must respect the privacy of its readers and secure their personal information observing our moral, statutory, and legal obligations is in the best interests of the public. Every invasion of a person’s privacy that occurs without that person’s agreement must be justified by showing that the public interest outweighs the intrusion. When reporting on issues involving human suffering and anguish, the public interest must be weighed against an individual’s right to privacy and respect for their human dignity. News may reach a larger audience than intended by using videos, photographs, and/or posts from social media and other publicly accessible websites. There may be less expectation of privacy when the content includes people who have directly shared content on social media. Particularly when a person has demonstrated a thorough comprehension of the effects that sharing material on social media may impact on their privacy. Policy for Fact-Checking and Verification The editorial team News takes pleasure in making sure that the facts are accurate as well as that pertinent opinions are considered and the truth is understood. When acquiring information, News should: Utilize first-hand sources whenever practical and acceptable. Verify all the data and statistics and look for any potential issues or restrictions. Verify the veracity of the information you’ve found. Verify the assertions and accusations presented. Consider, analyze, and contextualize all statements, especially those based on statistics. It is forbidden for News to intentionally publish, disseminate, or promote the circulation of incorrect information by: Disinformation: Clearly false information that is spread with the intent to hurt someone social group, organisation, or country.

Misinformation: False information that is not purposefully spread to cause harm to anyone. Mal-information is information that, despite being true, is intentionally utilized to hurt a person, a social group, an organization, or a nation. It is never acceptable for News to intentionally try to deceive the reader by using vague or confusing language. We must distinguish between reality and rumor while being careful to credit all information to its proper sources in order to allow for objective examination at all levels. Policy on Unnamed Sources Wherever feasible, News will cite the original authors of every information. Important: News will give credit where credit is due by using names, links, and other methods to identify the sources of information used in a story. We will give credit where credit is due by using names, links, and other methods to identify major sources of information that could have an adverse effect on the source’s ability to make a living. Editors will keep confidential sources’ identities private. The law pertaining to the rights of the editor (reporter) and the confidential source will also be followed by editors. In cases when exclusive news has been compiled, a link to the original information source will be included in the article. Penalties policy The editorial staff at News will immediately fix any errors that are found. The remedy may consist of a straightforward tale modification, depending on the seriousness of the problem.

The correction may consist of a straightforward adjustment to the narrative or it may come with an editor’s note outlining the remedy, depending on how serious the error was. News reserves the right to remove a story from publication if it turns out that the subject matter is incorrect. Actionable Feedback Procedure When mistakes are made, News is willing to admit them and work to improve. Contact Africa Talks News at if you have any ideas, comments, complaints, or compliments, and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can. Visit to learn more.