The Psychology of Dressing well in golf

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Ruan Lotz, Joint CEO and Co-founder at BooYaa Golf

When it comes to golf, the swing, putting style, and the kind of clubs being used often take priority. But one of the most often overlooked aspects of this great sport is the importance of choosing the right clothes. From the fit and fabric to the style of the cut, what a player wears on the course can massively impact their mindset and even how well they play.

After all, if a golfer does not feel comfortable with what they are wearing, how can they even begin to focus on their swing? And let us face facts, people are always checking each other out when they walk on a golf course. While the Durban July is well known for its high-stakes fashion, golfers are also notorious for paying close attention to the styles of their peers. There is truth to the adage that if you look good and feel good, you play well.

Of course, there is a difference between knowing the dress code and getting the colour mix right. You do not want to look like a chameleon who has gotten lost in a box of Smarties. Beyond that, there is also the comfort of your clothes to consider. Just because something is stylish does not necessarily make it practical to wear. Along the same vein, if a particular outfit fits your friend well that does not mean it will suit your body type.

Naturally, you want to choose something that reflects your personal style. We are all unique and want to show off that difference in what we wear. Some of us might be traditionalists, while others prefer a funkier colour combination. And then some want a high-end outfit that exudes confidence and quality.

Regardless of which style you end up going with, it must balance elegance and practicality for men, and chic and versatility for ladies. Fortunately, golf attire has evolved considerably over the years. More recent trends signify a shift towards functional and fashion while integrating athletic designs and special fast-drying material. There is also the move towards customisation and personalising your wardrobe through either a custom-fit shirt or a cap with a monogram as examples.

As we head into winter, this is a good time to consider layering up. Weather can range from cold in the early mornings to quite warm during the day. There is also wind and rain to factor in. Jackets, vests, and other ‘layering clothes’ are a good idea for you to add or remove as the conditions change.

When you wear clothes that make you feel confident and successful, then chances are you will play well, be comfortable, and have a much more enjoyable experience. So, for your next round, spend some time getting your golf wardrobe sorted. It becomes as important as cleaning your club heads and sorting out that draw in your swing.


About BooYaa Golf

Founded in South Africa by passionate golfers Ruan Lotz and Johan van Greune, BooYaa Golf combines the thrill of the game with a fresh approach to golf apparel. With a name inspired by the joy of golf’s great moments, BooYaa Golf offers both enthusiasts and newcomers to the game with stylish and functional gear. Dedicated to innovation and quality, BooYaa Golf is challenging the status quo and is focused on becoming one of the most loved apparel brands in the golf community. For more information, visit

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