Belgian Developer’s $3.5 Billion Investment Sparks Green Hydrogen Revolution in Namibia

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In a landmark move set to redefine Africa’s renewable energy landscape, Belgian developer CMB.TECH has unveiled plans to inject $3.5 billion into green hydrogen projects in Namibia. Spearheading this initiative is the construction of a colossal green ammonia production complex in the Namib Desert, marking the continent’s inaugural venture of its kind.

Under the banner of its “PV2Fuel” project, CMB.TECH aims to produce a staggering 250,000 tonnes of NH3 near the mining hub of Arandis, strategically located approximately 100km from the Port of Walvis Bay. Scheduled for operation by the end of 2026, this endeavor represents a pivotal step towards sustainable energy production.

The company is already making significant strides towards its goal, with the construction of a $30 million integrated hydrogen production and refueling system underway at the Port of Walvis Bay, slated to commence operations by late 2024.

In a synchronized effort to bolster infrastructure and facilitate the export of ammonia, the Port of Antwerp-Bruges recently announced plans to collaborate with the Namibian Ports Authority (Namport) in extending the facilities at Walvis Bay. This expansion will not only serve as a storage and export hub for ammonia but also provide a vital supply source for zero-emission ships, poised to revolutionize the maritime industry.

In a bid to champion green maritime solutions, CMB.TECH is forging ahead with ambitious projects, including the development of Africa’s first dual-fuel hydrogen-powered ship in partnership with Namport and the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. Additionally, the company has secured orders for the world’s premier ammonia-powered container vessel, set to navigate the seas by mid-2026, in collaboration with Norwegian fertilizer giant Yara and the North Sea Container Line.

Furthermore, CMB.TECH’s commitment to innovation is evident in the imminent deployment of the world’s first hydrogen-powered tugboat, poised to commence operations at the Port of Antwerp-Bruges. These groundbreaking initiatives underscore the company’s unwavering dedication to sustainable development and environmental stewardship.

Embodying the visionary legacy of late president Dr. Hage G. Geingob, CMB.TECH’s pioneering efforts epitomize a steadfast commitment to realizing a greener, more sustainable future—one project at a time. As the world looks towards renewable energy solutions, Namibia emerges as a beacon of innovation and progress in the global transition towards a carbon-neutral economy.

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