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One of the many keys to success in your work or home environment is forming habits to make you more productive. Enhancing your productivity will allow you to:
take away unnecessary stress from your day-to-day activities;
have more time to assess more opportunities;
do more things with the time you have available;
make less mistakes and take away the strain of having to re-work things; and
give you more time to relax and unwind.

Below are some habits of people who tend to be more productive than most:
They plan and organise;
They use automation and technology to their advantage;
They master the art of delegation and inclusion (more hands certainly make lighter work);
They focus on one priority at a time;
They are life-long learners;
They review what has worked and what did not; and
They are thinking a few steps ahead all the time.

Sounds easy enough? But of course!! The trick is to start to adopt and infuse these into your daily and weekly routines so that they become second nature to you?

What are some of the areas you have focused on to make your days and weeks more productive?

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