Unlocking Sustainable Business Growth: Purpose Playbook Training

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In this rapidly evolving landscape of modern business, the concept of shared value has emerged as a guiding principle for companies striving to create meaningful impact while ensuring long-term success. Enter Purpose Playbook Training, a dynamic program designed to equip entrepreneurs with the tools and strategies necessary to harness the power of shared value within their ventures.

Since 2021, Shared Value Africa Academy (SVAA) under the umbrella of Shared Value Africa Initiative, has taken entrepreneurs from across Africa on a 5-week training course named The Purpose Playbook Training. This comprehensive online training course on various aspects of Shared Value aims to equip entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills required to harness the power of business for the betterment of society. In May 2024, SVAA will provide the seventh iteration of this transformative opportunity for entrepreneurs seeking to create sustainable business models that generate both profit and social impact; Purpose Playbook Training.

At the heart of this training lie key objectives, each tailored to empower participants with the knowledge and skills needed to thrive in today’s competitive marketplace. The foundation of Purpose Playbook Training begins with a comprehensive exploration of shared value and its pivotal role in shaping contemporary business practices. Central to any successful enterprise is a clear sense of purpose and a supportive organizational culture. Through immersive and insightful discussions, participants learn how to align their business objectives with a compelling purpose, fostering a culture of innovation, collaboration, and shared value creation.

Armed with a deep understanding of shared value principles, participants also embark on a journey to develop robust strategies for identifying and prioritizing shared value opportunities within their ventures.
True sustainability requires more than just noble ideals—it demands operational excellence at every level of the organization. In this training, participants explore practical tactics for implementing shared value strategies across various facets of their operations, from supply chain management to product development, with an unwavering focus on efficiency, efficacy, and ethical practice.

In addition to acquiring invaluable knowledge and skills, participants of Purpose Playbook Training can network and collaborate with like-minded entrepreneurs who share their passion for driving positive change. Through shared learning experiences and collaborative projects, participants forge meaningful connections that have the potential to catalyze future partnerships and collective impact initiatives.

The Purpose Playbook training is offered for free to passionate entrepreneurs/SMEs/ start-ups who are committed to driving positive change through their businesses. Valued at $2000, this course offers a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights and practical skills without any financial burden. The only investment required of the participants is their time; the training is an online 5-week course, and classes are held once per week for 3 hours for the duration of the training.

Unlock your entrepreneurial potential and join us on this exciting journey toward creating shared value. This online training course will equip you with the knowledge and tools to build a business that thrives economically and positively impacts society and the environment. Apply now for consideration to be a part of the growing community of like-minded entrepreneurs committed to shaping a better future for all.
Application Link: https://forms.gle/3GwZwgiWrR2gZcCS8
Application Deadline: 19 April

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