NGAMILAND PROPERTY EXPO 2024: Investing in Sustainable Futures

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Join Us in Maun, Botswana from 25th – 27th April 2024

As the climate crisis deepens, it’s imperative to act now. Climate and Life, in partnership with Earth, presents the Ngamiland Property Expo 2024. With a clear mission: to foster awareness, advocate for sustainable policies, and create a green financial system in Botswana and beyond.

Founded with a vision of achieving a Sustainable Environment by 2050, Climate and Life endeavors to raise awareness about environmental opportunities and risks not only in Botswana but across Africa and the globe. Through proactive lobbying and policy influence, the organization seeks to shape a climate-friendly economy and drive the transition towards a green financial system in Botswana and Southern Africa.

They have planted trees with esteemed partners such as Botswana Power Cooperation, Mascom, and more. Engaged the youth, challenged climate change head-on, and initiated waste recycling projects. Join us in making a difference.

The Ngamiland Property Expo isn’t just an event; it’s a climate change mitigation strategy. By promoting sustainable building practices, paving the way for a greener future. Architects, environmentalists, and government officials will converge to discuss, learn, and innovate.

From environmental advantages to cost efficiency and improved health, green building offers a myriad of benefits. By integrating green strategies early in the building process, we can maximize both economic and environmental performance. An informed community is an empowered one. Be the first at the Ngamiland Property Expo to learn, connect, and take action against climate change. Together, we can build a sustainable future for generations to come.

Beyond sustainability, Botswana offers lucrative investment opportunities in tourism, mining, agriculture, automotive, education, energy, leather, and manufacturing. Seize the chance to invest in a thriving economy with a bright future.

Don’t miss the opportunity to be part of a movement towards sustainability. From 25th – 27th April 2024 and have a say in shaping a better tomorrow.

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Together, let’s build a greener, brighter future. See you at the Ngamiland Property Expo 2024!

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