Jambur Solar Plant is commissioned by The Gambia

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President Adama Barrow claims that the enormous project will completely transform the nation’s electrical industry.

It hasn’t been long since President Barrow officially opened the 23 megawatt solar project at Jambur, ushering in a new age of sustainable energy for The Gambia.

Beneath President Adama Barrow’s administration since 2017, the Gambia government has been confronted with severe problems, including insufficient and, in certain cases, nonexistent electricity across the nation.

The Gambia frequently experiences power outages, which is a serious electrical issue.
In order to meet the needs of Gambians for electricity, the government is currently collaborating with foreign organizations like the World Bank, the European Investment Bank, and the European Union to implement the Gambia Renewable Energy Project, also known as the Gambia Electricity Restoration and Modernization Project (GERMP).

There are four parts to it.
The first is a 23 megawatt (M.W.) solar photovoltaic (P.V.) plant that includes an 8 megawatt-hour (MWh) battery energy storage system.

The restoration of transmission and distribution, modernization, and national grid growth are the other essential elements; institutional support for sector turnaround is the subject of the third component.

The latter part consists of installing, running, and maintaining PV/battery systems for 1100 schools and health centers both on and off the grid.

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