Synthesis’ Award-Winning Gen AI Solutions Take Centre Stage with AWS

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In 2017 Capital Appreciation Limited, a JSE-listed Fintech company, acquired 100 percent of Synthesis. Following the acquisition, Synthesis remains an independent operating entity within the Capital Appreciation Group providing Cloud, Digital and RegTech services as well as corporate learning solutions through the Synthesis Academy.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recently hosted an exclusive event “Elevating Possibilities with Partners – a Showcase of GenAI Excellence” in South Africa. This event brought together ten esteemed partners, including Synthesis Software Technologies, to highlight innovative advancements in the field of Generative AI (GenAI).

Dr. Archie Arakkal, Practice Lead, and Darren Bak, Head of Intelligent Data represented Synthesis Software Technologies by delivering a captivating presentation that delved into the Synthesis GenAI  Launchpad solution that highlights the potential to transform various industries.

Demonstrating Excellence

Synthesis emerged as a true pioneer at the event, receiving the prestigious Prize of Excellence for the GenAI Launchpad solutions. This comprehensive portfolio of pre-built accelerators serves as a launchpad for businesses venturing into the GenAI realm. By providing pre-configured tools and resources, the GenAI Launchpad significantly reduces the time and resources needed to validate and accelerate proof-of-concepts, enabling businesses to bring their GenAI ideas to life.

Forget piecing together disparate components and wasting valuable time. Our iterative process lets you:

  • Validate AI concepts quickly with real-world data and feedback.
  • Continuously improve the solution through built-in learning loops.
  • Make data-driven decisions with clear insights into effectiveness.
  • Go to market faster with a robust, production-ready AI solution.

Darren Bak explains that the chosen solution was highlighted to AWS sales and partner representatives which included sales executives, account managers, and solution architects as well as the partner support team that deals with sales and development. The promise of AI is undeniable, but the reality is often cumbersome deployments, unreliable outputs, and hype without practical guidance. The Synthesis GenAI Launchpad cuts through the chaos, offering a fully managed and best practice platform to rapidly prototype AI solutions in days.

Archie explains that people are hesitant to leverage off these technologies, therefore a live demonstration is needed to present the breadth of experience within the GenAI space. It shows just how effective these tools are if one is willing to overcome one’s fear of adopting modern technology.

Award-winning solutions

“Synthesis’ achievement at the event is a testament to the ongoing partnership with AWS. For Archie, Darren, and the entire Synthesis team, who have been working with the technology for years, winning this award validates the efforts to continually improve services on the AWS platform,” Ariel Weber, Partner Manager at Synthesis. The hope with this type of award and Synthesis winning it is that this can be the launchpad to bring GenAI in the blink of an eye. It is a validation of years of improving a platform and enhancing services that users are ensured can be deployed to be architecturally safe, secure, and scalable. It includes a whole library of plug-and-play solutions that actually work in the real world with local context and improvements over time.

It is the type of product that has a widespread net for multiple types of clients that can benefit from its offerings. Darren believes it is for anyone who wants to delve into the art of the possible. For Archie, the audience is anyone interested in the GenAI space, irrespective of maturity. Synthesis’ frameworks, GenAI Launchpad, and offerings can help any organisation that is ready to start.

Partnering for the future

This win underscores Synthesis’ commitment to pushing the boundaries of GenAI innovation and successful collaboration with AWS. By leveraging AWS’s innovative cloud infrastructure and suite of AI services, Synthesis can develop and scale its GenAI solutions efficiently. This collaboration allows Synthesis to offer robust and scalable solutions to clients across diverse sectors.

“It was a pleasure working with the Synthesis team in preparation for the GenAI Partner Showcase Day, their dedication and expertise have earned them a well-deserved top spot at the event which cements their reputation as leaders in the GenAI field”, says Gabriel Accad, Senior Partner Sales Solutions Architect, AWS EMEA.

The event was more than just a showcase of GenAI excellence; it was a gathering of visionaries and innovators poised to redefine the technology and business landscape in Africa and beyond. Synthesis, with its award-winning solutions and unwavering commitment to innovation, stands at the forefront of this exciting field. In collaboration with AWS, Synthesis will continue pioneering advancements in GenAI, shaping the future of various industries and leaving a lasting impact on the technological landscape. A special thank you to Gabriel Accad, Ushal Moonsamy, and Avika Ramdhani Bagwandin for coaching Synthesis through the process.

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