MTN acts proactively to bring back internet access in Ghana.

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MTN Ghana has said that it is working to ensure that, in the wake of the nation’s internet outage, its services will restart in full. The business recently declared that, in order to help its customers receive better internet and data services, it has acquired more capacity from its international partners. Additionally, it expressed regret to its users for any inconvenience caused by the damage to the internet sea cables.

In order to reduce the number of internet outages caused by damage to the underwater internet cables, MTN Ghana recently obtained more capacity from its foreign partners, according to a story published in the Ghanaian publication MyJoyOnline.

This is in line with a statement released by the business on Monday, March 18, which said, “We are pleased to notify you that we have obtained more capacity from our global partners, which has enhanced your data experience.”

A network disruption hit the West African subcontinent on Thursday. The MainOne and ACE sea cables, which act as conduits for telecommunications data, were damaged, which is what caused this. Cell carriers and internet service providers in the area experienced connectivity disruptions as a result of the damages.

Considering that fiber optic cables are currently widely utilized in Africa, this presented a distinct difficulty, albeit with notable regional variations.

The massive investments made over the past ten years by both public and private enterprises are the reason behind the utilization of these cables. While some nations had very minor effects, others were severely damaged. Ghana was among the most severely affected nations; the country’s internet outage was classified as high in severity, which is less severe than the worst-case scenario.

MTN Ghana expressed regret to its customers in the statement, saying, “We are working hard to resolve the issue as soon as practicable.” The company also expressed regret for any trouble the present event may have caused. You may be confident that we are looking into every possibility to make your data difficulties easier.

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