Gabon sanctions are lifted by the Economic Community of Central African States

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It has been decided by the Economic Community of Central African States to lift Gabon’s sanctions and allow it to rejoin the area.

This decision was made six months after President Ali Bongo was overthrown in a coup, which resulted in Gabon’s membership being suspended.

The accord was achieved amid a gathering that took place in neighboring Equatorial Guinea, as declared by Regis Onanga Ndiaye, the Foreign Minister of Gabon, in a broadcast speech, according to Reuters.

After attending the conference, Burundi’s Foreign Minister Albert Shingiro confirmed the agreement to lift Gabon’s sanctions, despite the bloc not making an official statement.

The group has suspended Gabon’s membership and its participation in any related activities after the coup on August 30. As a forceful regional response to the political unrest, the African Union also revoked the nation’s membership. It was announced that these actions would not end until constitutional order was restored.

The junta that oversaw Bongo’s ouster is still in charge, but in November, they declared their goal to restore democratic rule by 2025.

Gabon’s new prime minister, Raymond Ndong Sima, said that a two-year transition before the democratic elections promised by the country’s new military leadership is a “reasonable objective.”

A area that has attempted to shed its label as a “coup belt,” Central and West Africa, has seen many coup d’√©tats in the last three years. A number of the nations in the area, including Mali, Guinea, Burkina Faso, Chad, and Niger, have seen coups in recent times.

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