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Embrace this technology to elevate your business operations and remain at the forefront of your industry.. A Johannesburg, South Africa: inq., a Convergence Partners company.

Inq. is a Convergence Partners company, a global leading-edge computing technology company founded to provide innovative, customized, and business-relevant digital services on the edge. inq. connects over 1,200 of Africa’s leading corporations in 9 countries, serves clients in Europe and UAE, and has a footprint in India. The company is prominent for its innovative IP and business-rendering solutions and services such as Edge AI & IoT, Fabric, SDN/NFV, Edge Orchestration and Elastic Edge. The company continues to invest and expand its footprint as a global leading-edge solutions provider. It has introduced a range of Artificial Intelligence (AI) solutions to assist organizations across industry verticals in optimizing business operations and improving internal efficiencies.

“We have created an intuitive ecosystem built around the transformative power of AI to revolutionize how today’s digital business operates, learns, and innovates,” says Ralph Berndt, Sales and Marketing Director at inq. SA. “We pride ourselves in developing solutions that integrate the power of real-time, automated data processing through AI.”

The flagship offering is Vision AI which transforms video surveillance technology. Its AI-driven advanced video analytics and machine learning combine to revolutionise existing IP-based surveillance cameras. By injecting Vision AI into a company’s current camera environment, decision-makers gain access to real-time, automated data processing and actionable insights. Vision AI is designed to deliver enhanced safety, ensure compliance, and operate 100 times faster than current manual processes

“Our systems significantly reduce the workload on staff who traditionally monitor video feeds, allowing for more strategic use of human resources. The cornerstone of our service is the inq. Control Platform, an innovative dashboard designed for real-time event monitoring and custom reporting. This platform enables us to provide actionable insights that can markedly improve client experiences,” says Berndt.

The inq. AI solutions can detect infringements and safety issues as they happen to ensure that a business remains compliant with policies while also being able to analyse and infer from data in a way that was previously not possible. The inq. AI ecosystem delivers centralised analytics that can be integrated with both existing and new surveillance systems, facilitating a proactive response to a variety of business challenges.

Additionally, the inq. ‘Compliance as a Service’ transforms existing camera infrastructure into a comprehensive compliance and safety monitoring tool. The ‘Intelligent Perimeter Security’ is designed to effectively address security challenges, such as pilferage and transaction discrepancies, while also monitoring the presence of security officers. Additionally, the ‘Retail Analytics’ service provides real-time insights on various aspects such as crowd management, public health, and client experience, using surveillance footage. With industry specific solutions being built daily by the inq development team to provide solutions to real world problems across all sectors we are able to provide analytics and information to problems business did not previously have access to.

“With inq.’s AI solutions, customers can manage their environment safer than ever to not only protect their staff but also any assets on-premises,” concludes Berndt.

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