Things no one will tell you about as an entrepreneur 

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Entrepreneurship, startup, new venture, small business: these are terms you hear so often nowadays. Why? Entrepreneurship has seen a boom over the last decade or so with more acceptance and financial options becoming available. More people, youth feel inclined to spread their wings and build a place for themselves in the economy.  

This is a step in the right direction to creating a growth culture and spreading positivity. It is important though, to understand the entire picture before stepping into these shoes. Working with several startup founders and entrepreneurs has given many insights into the inner workings of such an endeavor. With compelled people in the industry, they get to share some pointers that may not be commonly known or even thought of! Success doesn’t occur overnight. Pay attention here, this is an important one.  

It seems like such a common statement and something that we probably already know. However, as an entrepreneur, it can sometimes get lost among the myriad factors that you have to keep on track. Especially in today’s ‘insta reel’ society where everything is expected to materialize in a flash! Understand that a well-made film took time to come into shape. Take your time and accept the fact that it will take time. Listen to yourself. Another boring statement, that most people know! You listened to that inner voice and had the fire to start your own thing. Now don’t silence that voice.  

Once your entrepreneurial journey has begun, the tendency is often to follow what other successful people have done. While that is a good approach, remember that you started this journey, and your Instincts are already focused on making it a success. Listen to those instincts, even if they sometimes don’t align with what has worked for others.  

People matter. Not just talking about the people you employ or work with. This is a blanket rule. A person is influenced the most by those around them. This becomes especially important when you are venturing into a new territory such as starting your own business. The doubts, second-guessing yourself, the struggle to take a decision that you know is right. These can become either a big hindrance or an easy task depending on who you’re talking to. People who know you and understand where you started from will always be a source of encouragement. Hold on tight to those people! They will make or break your venture. There isn’t a pre-defined path to success. What works for someone else may not work for you and vice versa. Of course, that’s not to say you can’t adapt a successful plan to suit your agenda.  

However, it is not always a step 1, step 2, step 3 approach that works. Sometimes you may have to modify a step, rearrange steps, or even skip some altogether. Be agile and adapt according to your current situation. Don’t be afraid of change and don’t be afraid of straying off course to reach your goal. Nobody is going to question your path once your picture is on the cover page of Forbes. Stay healthy.  

You’re going to say that health doesn’t factor in here. But it’s true, it does. Not just physical well-being, your mental balance is also part of being healthy. Be prepared to feel a tumult of emotions during your entrepreneurial journey. From incredible highs to terrible lows, you will face it all. And what gets you through this rollercoaster is that healthy body and mind. Burnout is, unfortunately, a very real part of every new venture. The long hours, the high-impact decisions you make, and the many facets you must juggle all day long, are real stressors. If your body and mind are not prepared to handle them, you will burn out. Know that beforehand and prepare yourself to face it. Find some activity or hobby that can target both your physical fitness and mental strength. Maybe it’s yoga, or maybe it’s a PS5! Whatever works for you, find it, and use it. 

These are small, seemingly irrelevant factors, but they are factors that a lot of new entrepreneurs tend to overlook. Foundations are essential, right? You wouldn’t hesitate to go as deep as needed when constructing a building. Why not use the same formula in something as important to you as your new venture? Dig deep, ready the groundwork, and then see yourself soar.  

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