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Did you know that retail advertising is completely intentional? I mean, we come into a store – Happy, Sad, Grumpy, or Excited – and we don’t realize that the lipgloss you just picked up just before paying on the shelf lines is there for your marketing convenience.

We frequently underestimate the ease of our buying experiences. This is  often due to the fact that we do not know how much thinking is put into it.
We are getting the shopping experience we  take for granted thanks to Smart Media, which has been around for more than a decade, and is exceptional in the in-store retailing advertising space.

More information is provided by Smart Media regarding the impact they intend to have on Africa as well as their proposed method of doing so. This is such an excellent read for marketers.

Find out more about Smart Media Below:

Tell us more about Smart Media?
“Smart Media is a leading in-store retail advertising partner and media solutions innovator.
Established in 2004, the company provides retailers and FMCG brands with 360°
messaging solutions designed to increase conversions and entrench brand loyalty with
shoppers. Our integrated in-store advertising offerings encompass every step of the
shopper journey, while our digital app-based training offers enterprise-scale education
and native advertising opportunities.

We work closely with our retail and advertising partners to provide the most meaningful
impact on the path toward their objectives. Ultimately we work to enhance the theatre of
an environment. From strategy to execution, our team of dedicated professionals aim to
design the best in-store advertising solutions for all stakeholders involved.
Our goal is to provide value at every opportunity. For some, that means increasing
conversions and improving the rate of sales. But we execute messaging with the shopper
in mind and understand that enhancing the overall shopping experience is vital to brick-
and-mortar stores. In modern omnichannel marketing strategies, our solutions play a key
effective role.
Smart Media is continuously seeking to find new ways to connect consumers with brands
in a highly competitive market.”

What kind of Impact do you feel Smart Media is making on society?
“Our primary impact on society has been improving the shopping experience for all
stakeholders. Through the years we’ve remained at the forefront of innovation, holding
patents for various exclusive in-store advertising solutions. These offerings utilise the
most impactful spaces in the customer journey. Providing value to the customer by
enhancing their shopping experience and ensuring maximum impact on conversions.

Our team of behind-the-scenes heroes aim to provide value at every touch point for
everyone involved. That means getting consumers the information they need about a
product in order to make an informed purchasing decision. And it means getting store
staff the information they need to excel in their position. It also means meeting the needs
of specific brand categories to help achieve our partner’s targets. The advertising
opportunities we offer are prized among retailers looking to improve their consumer
engagement and FMCG brands looking to impact their sales.
For instance, our patented stock-keeping units provide secondary product positioning at
unique points during the shopper journey. This gives the consumer a chance to purchase
items they need at stages where they get maximum value. Examples include places
where consumers are likely to experience high dwell time, such as the dispensary area in
pharmacy, where they can learn about the benefits of a relevant product, or when they
have limited time, already in the checkout line.”

What objectives does Smart Media hope to accomplish this year?
“This year we’re striving to improve the shopping experience of millions more shoppers
by moving into more retail spaces and working with more brands looking to create fresh
and exciting in-store experiences. By creating a big brand presence in the store where it
matters most.
We’re aiming to learn more about how to create the perfect theatre for all stakeholders.
The concept of the retail shopping experience as theatre means creating a captivating
and immersive environment for customers. It aims to engage and entertain customers,
evoking emotions and creating memorable experiences that go beyond the act of
purchasing products. Some key aspects and strategies associated with this concept
Store Design and Visual Merchandising: The physical layout and aesthetics of a
store play a crucial role in creating a theatrical experience. The design may
include visually appealing displays that showcase products in an artistic and eye-
catching manner.
Storytelling: Marketers often use storytelling techniques to connect with
customers on a deeper level. They create narratives around their brand, products,
or the shopping journey itself. By weaving a compelling story that reaches
consumers at key touchpoints, retailers and brands can capture customers’
attention, invoke emotions, and build a sense of connection and loyalty.
Experiential Elements: Incorporating interactive elements creates a more
immersive experience for customers to engage with. This may involve product
demonstrations or displays that encourage customer participation and create a
sense of excitement.
Personalisation: Focus on providing personalised experiences to customers,
treating them as unique individuals. This can be achieved through personalised
product recommendations or tailored assistance from knowledgeable staff. We
launched an application called Smart-Cnnect, enabling us to provide mobile-
based training (LMS) solutions to ensure your staff are fully equipped with the
information they need to play their role effectively.
Technology Integration: Technology plays a significant role in enhancing the
theatrical retail experience. Augmented reality (AR) can be used to create
immersive and interactive environments for brands and retailers to create new
customer experiences. Mobile apps in particular can enable customers to explore
products in innovative ways or access additional information and
By keeping up-to-date with trends in global retail marketing, we aim to provide our
partners with the best possible outcomes for their objectives, while improving the
customer experience of every person who enters or walks by the store.”

How is Smart Media different from other competitors in the industry?
“We’re not just another media seller. We’re strategic partners to our clients, both brands
and retailers. Their briefs are our goals and we aim to align with their overall business
objectives to provide maximum ROI. We see every brief as a potential success story and
work closely with brands to develop, advise and support their marketing efforts to
achieve meaningful success.
In our ongoing effort to be a part of our client’s success stories, we have patented
custom-built solutions that have been closely developed with retailers and brands,
ensuring that they suit the needs of everyone in the shopping experience. By connecting
campaign needs with specific in-store advertising solutions, the Smart Media team
maximises value for all stakeholders. We are already seeing the results of improving the
in-store environment with impactful category-enhancing campaigns.
Coming from a holistic approach to shopper marketing, we offer a 360-degree stable of
media opportunities across multiple categories in-store. We consider the customer
journey from beginning to end, helping to build the right experience for a brand to reach
their customers meaningfully. By looking at the big picture, we’re able to make sure each
touchpoint has as much impact as possible.
Smart Media’s in-store advertising solutions offer secondary product positioning to add
further value by increasing the rate of sales, raising brand awareness, supporting new
launches, and providing consumer education. By utilising various offerings to tailor-make solutions for our clients, and due to our
significant retail footprint, we have the ability to influence buying behaviour and decision-
making during the purchasing stage of the shopper journey.”

How can more people learn more about Smart Media?
“You can follow us on LinkedIn here for Industry Leadership and updates on our activities.
As well as connect with the Chief Sales Officer Cecil Ungerer on LinkedIn here.
You can also visit our website to find out more about some of our media opportunities
here: https://www.smartmedia.co.za/
If you’d like to start improving your in-store sales, simply email your brief to
info@smartmedia.co.za. We also love chatting about ideas on +27 (010) 007 4748.
Scan the code below to find out more information.”

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