Exclusive Interview: Featuring Eagle Eye Defence: Pioneering Tech-Enabled Vehicle Security

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In an exclusive interview with Africa Talks Business, Mr. Mosana, the visionary founder of Eagle Eye Defence, unveils the profound journey that led to the creation of their groundbreaking vehicle security solution. Triggered by a personal tragedy in 2016, this innovative venture seeks to revolutionize the landscape of security measures for vehicles across Africa.

Tell us more about you and how your Journey Started ? /company, and how its journey started.

In 2016, my family faced a devastating tragedy when my younger brother lost two friends in a tragic accident involving the unauthorized use of a stolen vehicle. This heartbreaking incident not only left us in grief but also ignited a quest to address the vulnerabilities in vehicle control systems. As a candidate fellow of the Allan Gray Orbis Foundation, this experience further fueled my entrepreneurial spirit, leading to the inception of Eagle Eye Defence.

What impact does the company hope to make in Africa?

Eagle Eye Defence’s Innovative Solution – EED7681:

Our flagship product, the EED7681, represents a leap forward in vehicle security. It’s designed to prevent unauthorized usage by tackling issues related to driver identification, time management, and location settings. With the ability to remotely shut down a vehicle, our system aims to eliminate risks associated with theft and hijacking. Beyond security, we envision the EED7681 contributing to job creation and fostering a safer driving environment.

What challenges are being faced by the company at the moment.

Our journey hasn’t been without challenges. Talent recruitment and onboarding key distribution partners have been ongoing struggles. Access to grant funding is crucial for building our capacity to meaningfully contribute to sustainable development goals. Despite these challenges, our team’s resilience and commitment have propelled us forward.

How is the company unique from competition?

What sets Eagle Eye Defence apart is our combination of preventive, detective, and corrective measures. The EED7681’s unique features, such as the ability to remotely disable a vehicle, address issues like tag interchangeability. Our team, intimately connected to the problem through personal and business experiences, is the driving force behind our passion for creating effective and impactful solutions.

Is the company looking to expand, if so where and how?

Looking ahead, we have ambitious plans to extend our offerings to several African countries shortly after our anticipated launch in 2024. We actively seek partnerships within the telematics and vehicle security industries, emphasizing collaboration over competition. Access to finance houses, rental agencies, and insurance companies is critical in realizing our goals.

Eagle Eye Defence, under my leadership, stands at the forefront of tech-enabled security offerings. Our journey, born out of personal tragedy, has transformed into a mission to provide advanced solutions for vehicle safety. With our unique product, a dedicated team, and plans for continental expansion, Eagle Eye Defence is poised to make a lasting impact on the landscape of vehicle security in Africa and beyond.

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