Namibia’s Beef and Red Meat Exports Surge in Third Quarter of 2023

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Namibia’s Meat Board has announced a substantial boost in beef exports during the third quarter of 2023, attributing the surge to a remarkable doubling of quarterly performance by export abattoirs compared to 2022.

In a comprehensive review, the Meat Board revealed that a total of 91,154 cattle were marketed in Q3 2023, showcasing a notable 52.03% increase from the 59,957 cattle marketed during the same period in the previous year. The heightened sales were primarily driven by intensified slaughtering activities at export-approved abattoirs, which processed an impressive 34,398 head of cattle. Additionally, 5,066 cattle were marketed at Meat Board-registered B- and C-class abattoirs during the quarter.

The statement from the Meat Board management emphasized that an overwhelming majority (99.1%) of all live cattle were exported, with 51,206 out of 51,690 heading to South Africa, while the remaining 484 were distributed among other Southern African Development Community countries. Namibia witnessed a remarkable 60.94% growth in the total number of sheep marketed, reaching 190,825 during Q3 2023, compared to 118,569 in the same period the previous year.

The surge in sheep marketing was attributed to increased live exports to South Africa and heightened slaughtering activities at export-approved abattoirs. South Africa received a substantial share, with 150,175 sheep exported, constituting 78.7% of the total marketing.

Conversely, the number of pigs slaughtered at Meat Board-approved abattoirs experienced a 4.23% decline, totaling 11,020 during the reviewed period. Meanwhile, 46,807 goats were marketed in Q3 2023, bringing the year-to-date marketing for goats to 104,824.

Namibia, according to Thinus Pretorius, Chairman of the Namibia Agricultural Union, continues to be a net exporter of red meat and beef. The country’s exports reach various destinations, including the United States, Scandinavia, China, and Norway, showcasing its growing prominence in the global red meat market.

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