Geordin Hill-Lewis’s Vision to Future-Proof Cape Town: A Look at Two Years in Office

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The Mayor’s Focus on Employment, Crime, Load-Shedding, and Public Transport

Geordin Hill-Lewis, the Mayor of Cape Town, marks his two-year anniversary in office with a passionate commitment to addressing the city’s most pressing challenges. In an exclusive interview, he sheds light on his strategies to tackle unemployment, crime, load-shedding, and the critical role of public transport in shaping the city’s future.

Addressing Unemployment

Hill-Lewis acknowledges the alarming rise in unemployment in South Africa, emphasizing the importance of meeting the basic survival requirements of citizens. While he opposes cutting social grants, he emphasizes the need for a growing budget and economy to do more for the poor. Proud of Cape Town’s seven consecutive quarters of job growth, he identifies crime and load-shedding as major obstacles to employment.

Crime, Load-Shedding, and Job Losses

The mayor draws a direct link between increased crime rates and load-shedding in Cape Town. He expresses concern about the impact of these factors on job opportunities and highlights the need for comprehensive strategies to address these challenges.

Public Transport as a Future-Proofing Strategy

Passionate about improving public transport, especially the rail network, Hill-Lewis envisions future-proofing Cape Town for its anticipated growth to 10 million people. Calling for more control over the city’s rail network, he sees the potential for efficient transportation for both work and tourism. Despite the challenges faced during his tenure, such as the taxi strike, he remains committed to creating a functional public transport system.

Personal Journey and Leadership

Hill-Lewis reflects on his political journey, from a student leader at the University of Cape Town to becoming the youngest Member of Parliament at 24. With a background in the solid middle-class suburb of Edgemead, raised by a single-parent nurse, he has a deep appreciation for the challenges faced by nurses in South Africa. He emphasizes the importance of demonstrating excellence in leadership and breaking away from the national malaise of constant failure.

A Call for Excellence

Drawing inspiration from the Springboks’ victory in the 2023 Rugby World Cup, Hill-Lewis urges South Africans to reject the narrative of constant failure and strive for excellence. He believes that the city has the necessary ingredients to set global standards not only in sports but in various aspects of civic life.

As Geordin Hill-Lewis navigates the complexities of Cape Town’s governance, his vision for a prosperous and resilient city reflects a commitment to addressing immediate challenges while laying the groundwork for a future that sets the global benchmark for excellence.

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