Kellanova (Formerly Kellogg’s) Bolsters Energy Resilience: Heavy Investments in Solar and Backup Power Amidst South Africa’s Load Shedding Challenges

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In response to South Africa’s ongoing struggles with load shedding, Kellanova, previously known as Kellogg Company, is undertaking significant investments to expand its solar and backup generation capacity. The company, renowned for its brands like Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Pringles, aims to fortify its manufacturing processes against power outages, prioritizing both food safety standards and the well-being of its workforce.


Amidst South Africa’s persistent challenges with load shedding, Kellanova, formerly operating under the banner of Kellogg’s, is taking proactive measures to enhance its energy resilience. The company, known for iconic brands such as Kellogg’s Cornflakes and Pringles, is investing heavily in expanding its solar and backup generation capacity.

The move comes as a response to the country’s frequent power outages, which have posed challenges to the manufacturing sector. Kellanova, with a presence in South Africa for over a century, is prioritizing the maintenance of food safety standards and the safety of its employees working on the production line.

Zandile Mposelwa, Corporate Affairs Director at Kellanova, emphasized the significance of ensuring a reliable power supply for manufacturing food safely. The investment includes a substantial expansion of solar panels, with around 10% of the company’s energy needs currently met by solar power. Kellanova aims to double this capacity by the end of the next year. Additionally, diesel generators are being utilized to cope with power fluctuations.

The company, which recently underwent a name change as part of Kellogg’s decision to split into two separate entities, is now focusing on the cereal and snack businesses in markets such as Latin America, the rest of Africa, South Africa, and the Middle East under the name Kellanova.

While no major expansion plans are currently on the horizon for South Africa, Kellanova remains open to future opportunities if the country’s energy situation improves. Mposelwa expressed optimism that government-led efforts to enhance power generation would yield positive results, creating a conducive environment for discussions around expansion.

Despite global trends favoring gluten-free and low-carb diets, Kellanova’s cereal brands have maintained their popularity among consumers. The company continues to emphasize the nutritional value of grains in its products, and while not ruling out the possibility of introducing gluten-free items in the future, any such decisions will be informed by thorough research and consumer insights.

The investments in solar and backup power underscore Kellanova’s commitment to ensuring operational continuity and food safety in the face of South Africa’s energy challenges. As the company navigates this dynamic landscape, it remains focused on providing quality products and maintaining its legacy in the region.

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