Eazy Way Rides, the future of digital logistics is here! Exclusive Interview with Samson Phiri, the CEO.

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In an interview with Africa Talks Business, Samson tells us about the way Eazy Way Rides plans to revotionalize the future of digital logistics

Tell us more about you and how your journey started.

The inception of my journey in the business world coincided with the onset of the COVID-19
pandemic. I was employed at a company that, unfortunately, began to experience a decline in its
services due to the challenging circumstances brought about by the pandemic.
It was during this period that a particular industry started to shine amidst the adversity: the delivery
industry. The demand for delivery services skyrocketed, presenting a clear opportunity for growth
and innovation. Recognizing the potential, I decided to take action.
I embarked on a venture to train drivers for various delivery applications and e-commerce
companies. This endeavor allowed me to tap into the burgeoning market, aligning my efforts with
the evolving needs of consumers in this new normal.
As a result, I founded my own company, focusing on providing top-notch training and services to
meet the escalating demands of the delivery industry. This endeavor not only marked the inception
of my entrepreneurial journey but also served as a testament to the power of adaptability and
foresight in navigating challenging times.
Since then, my company has continued to thrive and evolve, driven by a commitment to excellence
and a keen understanding of the dynamic landscape in which we operate. This journey has been
characterized by learning, growth, and a steadfast dedication to meeting the evolving needs of our
clients and partners.

What is up and coming that you would like the public to be aware of in the company?

At our company, we are currently in the exciting phase of developing a groundbreaking application
that is poised to revolutionize the way drivers and businesses connect. This innovative platform
will seamlessly bridge the gap between drivers and businesses, creating a powerful network that
streamlines operations and maximizes efficiency.
What sets our application apart is its ability to foster mutually beneficial relationships between
drivers and businesses. Through cutting-edge technology, we’re creating a dynamic ecosystem
where drivers can seamlessly align with businesses in need of their services. This means smoother
and more efficient operations for both sides of the equation.
Furthermore, our application will open up a wealth of opportunities for businesses to tap into a vast
network of reliable and skilled delivery drivers. This translates to enhanced capacity, improved
delivery timelines, and ultimately greater customer satisfaction. It’s a win-win scenario that propels
businesses forward and empowers drivers with a steady stream of opportunities.

www.eazywayrides.com +27 81 884 6396 support@eazywayrides.com
In essence, we are not only creating a platform; we’re building a community. Our vision is to bring
together businesses and drivers in a way that fosters collaboration, innovation, and growth. This
interconnected network will be the catalyst for a new era of efficiency and productivity in the
realm of deliveries.
We are thrilled about the potential impact our application will have on the industry, and we’re
eager to share this exciting development with the public. Stay tuned for updates as we move closer
to the official launch. Together, we are shaping the future of driver-business partnerships.

What does the company need right now to achieve its goals?

To achieve our ambitious goals, our immediate focus lies on securing the necessary funding to
propel the development of our groundbreaking application. This is a pivotal step in ensuring that
we have the resources required to create a seamless and highly efficient platform that connects
drivers and businesses in a mutually beneficial partnership.
Simultaneously, we recognize the critical importance of marketing our business effectively. We
aim to showcase not only our technical capabilities but also the invaluable solutions we bring to
our clients. By highlighting what sets us apart, we aim to solidify our position as a leader in this
Furthermore, expanding our pool of delivery drivers is of paramount importance. This entails
identifying and onboarding skilled professionals who align with our vision and values. Their
contribution will be instrumental in driving the success of our platform, as they form the backbone
of our service.
In tandem with this, we are actively working towards broadening our network of delivery
applications. This network is the cornerstone of our operation, serving as the conduit that links our
drivers with businesses. Strengthening and diversifying this network is key to our scalability and
ability to cater to a wide range of industries and requirements.
In summary, our immediate needs revolve around securing funding for development, ramping up
our marketing efforts, and bolstering our workforce of skilled delivery drivers. Additionally, we
are committed to expanding and enhancing our network of delivery applications to ensure seamless
connectivity and value delivery for our clients. With these initiatives in place, we are confident in
our ability to reach and surpass our organizational objectives.

How can we collaborate with the company?

Collaboration with our company can take various forms, each of which plays a crucial role in
advancing our shared objectives. Here are some avenues through which we can work together:

www.eazywayrides.com +27 81 884 6396 support@eazywayrides.com

  1. Publishing and Dissemination Support:
    o Your assistance in publishing and promoting our work would be immensely
    valuable. This could include articles, press releases, or any content that helps spread
    awareness about our platform. This collaborative effort will not only amplify our
    reach but also establish our presence in the market.
  2. Feature on Industry-Related Websites:
    o Showcasing our company on platforms that are directly related to our industry is a
    powerful way to generate interest and gain credibility. By leveraging your network
    and connections, we can reach a broader audience and build meaningful connections
    within our niche.
  3. Arranging interviews and spotlights:
    o Interviews are an effective medium for us to unpack our offerings, share insights,
    and demonstrate the value we bring. Your support in arranging interviews with
    relevant industry players, influencers, or media outlets will provide us with a
    platform to articulate our vision and offerings, ultimately leading to increased
  4. Facilitating market access through events:
    o Access to various markets is pivotal for our growth and success. Seminars,
    conferences, and meetings that are aligned with our industry provide excellent
    opportunities for networking and collaboration. Your assistance in identifying and
    facilitating our participation in such events will be instrumental in expanding our

These collaborative efforts are not only beneficial for our company’s growth but also mutually
advantageous. By joining forces, we can leverage each other’s strengths and networks, creating a
synergistic relationship that propels us both forward.
We are enthusiastic about the potential impact of our collaboration and look forward to exploring
these avenues together. Your support in these areas will undoubtedly contribute significantly to our
collective success.

What impact does the company hope to make in Africa?
We hope to make the following impact in Africa:
Our vision for impact in Africa is ambitious, aiming to address crucial challenges while fostering
economic growth and inclusivity. Here are the key areas where we hope to make a positive

  1. Expanding Last-Mile Delivery Opportunities:
    – Empowering Job Seekers:
    – Recognizing the high literacy rates in many African countries, we are
    committed to bridging the gap between education and employment. Our
    approach is unique, as we identify and nurture potential without the strict
    requirement for academic credentials. This means creating opportunities for
    individuals who may not have formal education but possess the skills and

www.eazywayrides.com +27 81 884 6396 support@eazywayrides.com
aptitude to excel in the workforce. By doing so, we not only provide job
opportunities but also pave the way for further education and skill

2. Empowering Informal Businesses:
We aim to introduce last-mile delivery solutions to informal businesses,
thereby not only enhancing their operational capabilities but also creating
employment opportunities within this sector. This initiative has the potential
to revolutionize the way informal businesses operate, leading to increased
productivity and profitability.
3. Empowering the marginalized:
Our commitment to empowerment extends to marginalized populations. We
aspire to provide them with the means to own and operate delivery vehicles.
By doing so, we not only enable economic independence but also foster a
sense of ownership and pride. This initiative has the potential to uplift entire
communities, creating a positive ripple effect on the socioeconomic

Through these initiatives, we aim to contribute to a more inclusive, empowered, and economically
vibrant Africa. We believe that by providing opportunities that transcend traditional barriers, we
can unlock the untapped potential within individuals and communities, ultimately leading to
sustainable growth and development.
Our hope is that these efforts will not only transform lives but also serve as a catalyst for positive
change across the continent. Together, we can shape a future where opportunities are accessible to
all, regardless of background or circumstance.

What challenges are being faced by the company at this moment?

As a dynamic and forward-thinking company, we are not immune to the challenges that many
businesses face, particularly in our nascent stage. Currently, we are navigating the following

  1. Insufficient Funding for Customer Service Training:
    o One of our primary challenges lies in the lack of adequate funding to establish a
    comprehensive online training program tailored specifically for our delivery drivers.
    This training is pivotal in ensuring that our drivers are equipped with the skills,
    knowledge, and customer-centric approach necessary to excel in their roles. With
    limited resources, we are actively seeking avenues to secure the necessary funding
    to bridge this critical gap.
  2. Limited Driver Pool and Delivery Opportunities:
    o Another challenge we are addressing is the scarcity of drivers within our network.
    This is a direct result of the shortage of applications and delivery opportunities
    available. It’s a critical issue that impacts on our operational capacity and the level
    of service we can provide to our clients. We are actively exploring strategies to

www.eazywayrides.com +27 81 884 6396 support@eazywayrides.com
expand our reach, attract more drivers, and unlock a broader spectrum of delivery

  1. Difficulty in Partnering with Established Industry Players:
    o Establishing strategic partnerships with well-established companies in the delivery
    industry has proven to be a formidable challenge. This could greatly enhance our
    market presence and allow us to tap into established networks. However, due to
    various factors, this endeavor has proven more complex than anticipated. We
    remain committed to exploring avenues for collaboration and building relationships
    that will benefit both parties.

Addressing these challenges is a vital part of our growth strategy. We are actively seeking creative
solutions, exploring funding opportunities, and strategizing on how to attract more drivers.
Additionally, we are persistently working towards building meaningful partnerships that will
propel us to the forefront of the delivery industry.
While these challenges are significant, we view them as opportunities for growth and
improvement. With determination and strategic planning, we are confident in our ability to
overcome these hurdles and emerge stronger and more resilient as a company.

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