How to Market with No Money

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If you have a new business, you want to cut costs as effectively and as ethically as you can. That’s understandable. There are many creative ways to market a new business – any business – that are quite effective, despite not costing a little money (unheard of in business!).

Create a Hashtag

#HashtagMyCompany. Create your own hashtag for your company to market via social media. Like it or not, social media is a large part of people’s lives today as it’s used every day – which means you have a greater chance at being seen.

Quid pro quo?

Working in tandem with other companies that may have a connection to you – allow them to “guest post” on your site in exchange for putting your information on their site. This can open doors to many opportunities regarding working with other companies.

Heat them up

We all know warm calling potential customers can be beneficial, since they have already indicated an interest in your product – but cold calling can work very well if done correctly. Yes, it can be a scary notion, but what’s the worst they can do – say no?

Go Meet Your Market

Get out there, well, virtually during these times. Go to local events, networking events, and meet people. Leave a lasting impression on potential customers and watch them come back later because they couldn’t get enough of your charm. Another benefit to local events? Sometimes local media is there and you can get free press!

Blog, Blog and Blog

Start a blog about your business – there are plenty of free blogging platforms out there that are available. Make it whimsical, or post a new product every day – or just make it a joke blog. Draw them in with new things every day.

Facebook Advertising

Facebook ads can reach customers and can help to expand your customer base. The algorithms Facebook uses for ads are based on 1) what the individual tends to like and similar topics, and 2) how much money you are willing to pay.

Email like a Professional

Emailing is still pretty big in today’s world. Collect potential customer emails from (virtual) events, surveys, your blog, and send out weekly or monthly newsletters letting them know what your business offers.

Go Be Social

Speak out. Get your name around and look for events you can speak at as a small business owner – just remember that this will need to be of a benefit to the organiser of the event. Prepare a way your speech can be beneficial to them as well as your business.

Grab a Booth

Rent a festival booth and hand out free samples, business cards, and interact with the community!

Donate your time

Volunteer locally under your brand or business name. This not only helps to get your name out there, but also establishes goodwill in the surrounding area.

Hand out Samples

Free samples – everyone loves these. Yes, these may cost a tiny bit to you, but they go a long way in securing business if what you offer is what people want. Give them a sample of the greatness you can offer.

Pro Bono Advertising

Affiliate marketers get a bad reputation, but can be very beneficial by advertising for you. Bonus – you only pay after it’s clear their methods are working.

I came, I saw, I conquered

Find critics of the specific product you offer and invite them to try yours. If you can convince “the enemy” that your product is worthwhile, you can convince anyone. Take their criticism constructively to build a better product.


Offer a workshop where you can interact with potential customers and teach them a new skill in the process. This can be surprisingly helpful to creating return business.

Videos of your Products

Video reviews can work wonders for your product, either done by you or helpful customers. Why not all of the above? You can even offer slight future discounts for customers who are willing to post a review of a product you made a video about.

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