Why every startup needs a mentor?  Keshni Morar. 

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Keshni Morar, the visionary founder behind Investable, an angel network of investors dedicated to supporting entrepreneurs throughout South Africa, has made an indelible mark in the world of startups. In addition to her pioneering work with Investable, Keshni is a seasoned entrepreneur herself and holds the esteemed position of Managing Director at the globally renowned Founder Institute, the world’s largest pre-seed accelerator with a presence in over 200 cities across the globe.

Transitioning from a successful corporate career, Keshni has fully immersed herself in the vibrant startup ecosystem, spanning continents from Africa to America. Her journey includes the establishment of four thriving businesses, leadership in a global startup accelerator (Founder Institute of South Africa), and investments in small enterprises and early-stage tech startups through Jozi Angels. Keshni stands as a guiding light for emerging startups, generously sharing her wisdom and expertise as a mentor through various prestigious platforms, including the Founder Institute, Google for Startups, The Hult Prize Foundation, The Mentorship Boardroom, The Jack Ma Foundation, The Graca Machel Trust, and The Venture Mentoring Team. She passionately follows her chosen path by advising and mentoring founders as they navigate the often challenging fundraising process. Her goal is to bring together the startup scene and established corporations who are eager to innovate and look for new ways to serve their clientele. By doing so she aims to have corporations that have ability to create novel and sustainable solutions that have the potential to improve society.

Keshni Morar is not just a dynamic and accomplished businesswoman; she is fervently dedicated to helping businesses reach their maximum potential. With over two decades of experience in multinational settings, she has earned a stellar reputation for her exceptional operational acumen and creative strategic thinking. Tech startups, in particular, benefit immensely from Keshni’s sage counsel, which aids them in validating their concepts and securing the crucial seed and series of funding required for expansion.

Keshni’s passion extends to addressing critical issues such as the complexities of globalization, knowing when to persevere and when to pivot, and the unique challenges confronting both investors and entrepreneurs in South Africa when it comes to funding nascent enterprises. She is a vocal advocate for the concept that every startup can benefit from a mentor. While having a mentor may not be an absolute prerequisite for all startups, it undeniably enhances the odds of success and expedites a company’s growth trajectory. Her insights are deeply rooted in personal experience and practical guidance, enabling her to provide invaluable perspectives drawn from her extensive journey in the business world. Keshni’s mentorship is a beacon for startups, guiding them through common pitfalls and challenges.

With many South African startups lacking access to practical educational resources or opportunities to learn the nuances of various business sectors, Keshni Morar has become an influential proponent of the idea that emerging businesses can glean priceless lessons from the successes and setbacks of their mentors. Her impact is immeasurable, offering a shortcut for startups to acquire knowledge that might otherwise take years to accumulate independently.

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