How to start a million dollar business with 0 employees

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Nearly seven years ago, Michelle Schroeder-Gardner started her blog, Making Sense of Cents, to share her experience of paying off student loan debt and holding herself accountable. The last thing she expected was it turning into a million-dollar business.

But in 2017 her business brought in $979,000, and the following year it earned $1.5 million—all without hiring employees. She’s part of a growing wave of entrepreneurs who run solo businesses that pull in more than one million dollars in revenue a year.

There are nearly 25 million “one-person” businesses in the United States. And, overall, non-employer businesses are making more money than in the past—more than 36,000 of them bring in seven figures or more annually. Elaine Pofeldt researched these entrepreneurs for several years and shares her findings in her book, The Million-Dollar, One-Person BusinessWhile the book doesn’t offer a cookie-cutter blueprint for success, it does reveal a number of strategies that come up time and again in the stories of the entrepreneurs, and these strategies may just help you form the business of your dreams. Continue reading

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