Exclusive Interview with David Seinker | CEO at The Business Exchange

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Africa Talks Business had the honour of speaking with David Seinker, the founder and CEO of The Business Exchange, one of the most well-known commercial property entrepreneurs. David describes how he got into the property business and the changes that have occurred since Covid in the landscape of office environments for businesses.
The Business Exchange offers much more than just a place for business owners to conduct their operations; it’s also a place where they can network, get inspiration, form partnerships, and take part in events.

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Tell us more about the company and how its journey started?

“I founded TBE at the end of 2014. In my previous venture in the VC space, I rented an office in a business centre, and I identified that there was not only an opportunity to enter the market and provide a more premium offering but that we could also assist entrepreneurs by holding networking events and other marketing activities. We now have 7 locations across all major South African cities and Mauritius. “

What was the toughest challenge getting to where you are today?

“Dealing with an invisible enemy in Covid, and a visible one I mean a big American competitor, who came to SA, undercutting the market and going after a pure land grab.”

What impact does the company hope to make in Africa?

“We want to set up new sites across the continent, connecting like-minded business people both in small businesses and in corporate companies. “

How has the workspace environment changed since Covid?

“Large companies have decided to go hybrid. This means that businesses of all sizes now shift work, and they use flexible workspaces like TBE to house their head office and satellite staff. We are home to companies with as many as 200 people.”

What makes TBE Different?

“We offer serious and sophisticated workspaces, where you are surrounded by highly successful business entrepreneurs. “

What is new and up and coming with TBE?

“Major events focused on doing business in Africa, and new sites across the continent. “

Find The Business Exchange here – https://tbeafrica.com/

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