Exclusive Interview: Featuring the founder and Ceo of AnalyticsX, Talifhani Banks

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Talifhani Banks, one of South Africa’s most ambitious and motivated businessmen, recently spoke with Africa Talks Business.
Talifhani, the well-known founder of Analytics Advertising, is an inspiration to many aspiring young businesspeople because of his humble beginnings. Talifhani tells us that if we are able to Identify our skills and talents, practice them on a smaller scale for fun, develop confidence in what you do, do it consistently, and then start making money from it. It eventually become a complete success.

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Just a background on you and how your journey started.

“My journey starts from Louis Trichardt, my mother used to be a basic survivalist entrepreneur. She
introduced me to business very early so by 10 years I was selling Fruit & Verges at a Train Station.
Theres other business she used to run that I got involved in like sewing school uniforms that I got to be
the deliver and managing orders by 14. After Matric, I went to University of Pretoria to study Statistics and major in Econometrics. My first job was a Massmart as a Private label Analyst then Pick n Pay as Pricing Analyst. I then consulted to Grohe and AutoZone before starting my first Company Analytics Advertising in 2017. Analytics Advertising as a management consulting and data technology was created at the right time of digital boom and covid became our boost too. AA became 8 times award winning medium
entrepris from Innovations, Technology, Management of systems and Ministers overall excellence.”

“I became a top entrepreneur in South Africa, Best Tech CEO in Africa and Brics Entrepreneur of the
year in Russia 2022. This is what drove the inspiration to bring all technologies and ideas that where on the shelf to be implemented as individual entities solving their own problems from JamiiTrade, Spaza Eats, Analytics Advertising, AX and MST e-learning. This is what makes me a group CEO transcending across Africa and evolving and learning with time.”

What has been the most difficult part of being a business owner?

“Managing a group company is always juggling around all companies growth you depend on the
expertise of CEO’s and Portfolio Managers to develop better strategies to scale the businesses

Its difficult to access funding within a week or to talk to a relative to borrow you 1,5 Million in 2 days
, even if you will return it in the 5 th day, they don’t have it. This ultimately affect scalability and
prevents key marketing models to grow the brand

Access to the right network was a big challenge at first and we were not able to get the large
corporations as clients like we do now with the current opportunity at AA.”

“God is King” what inspired this, and why is it
important to you?

“Oooh wow, you are actually the first person to ask me this question on an article and thank you for
asking the question.”

“I used the “Faith it until you make it approach” I just believed my visions will come to pass and one
word I always had was, God if you make this possible, I’ll make sure everyone knows your name.

It’s also a representation of the innovators in the office as we project ourselves as creators of tech
solutions in the continent.”

What does success mean to you?

“Success is the ability to find oneself, as soon as you connect who you are and what you do I’d say you
have archived, regardless of what it is that you do.
Success is also a representation of Faith, It says how much of faith you have to do the visions you

What advice would you give to young entrepreneurs?

“Biggest advice I would say, Find out your gifts and talents and start acting the gift and talents from a
smaller scale for fun, Find confidence in what you do, Be consistent in doing it and then start
monetizing it. Overtime it become a success 100%”

Find Talifhani Banks here – https://www.linkedin.com/in/talifhani-banks-199279ab

View some of his amazing projects:

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