Exclusive Interview: Featuring the Founder and Ceo of 3RC, Kay Cheytanov.

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A fantastic story about a fantastic woman. Kay Cheytanov, a business-driven lady making a difference in our youth, was interviewed by Africa Talks Business. Kay took the risk to establish her firm, and has since not looked back. Her phenomenal influence in inspiring change in young people has grown into a highly successful organisation . In this interview Kay shares her beginnings, the hurdles she has experienced on her entrepreneurial journey, and a few golden nuggets to help you keep on track.

Never settle without giving yourself a chance, The gorgeous and successful Kay Cheytanov shares her story:

Just a background on you & how your journey started.

“Kay Cheytanov started the company in 2001 as a creative outlet for her musical career. She needed to
find a different audience and school children sounded ideal.
Tired of touring the country surrounded by intoxicated people she longed for a sober crowd where she
could share her story and passion.
She started her career as a Personal Assistant in the IT industry. Her creativity didn’t like that and soon
she ventured into web design, project management and training facilitator for the same group.
She always had her singing as a hobby but in 1999 she decided to make her side hustle a reality. To earn
an income, she still did contract work for the IT company but she spent most of her time making music,
performing and chasing stardom.
It was in 2001 that she realised that the life she originally wanted wasn’t for her. She craved stability and
influence. She needed to make a difference and singing at festivals and clubs didn’t bring that kind of
The first idea to incorporate education and her passion for performance came while driving and listening
to the radio – 5FM at the time.
An advert for The Zone Computer College came on and she had a lightbulb moment to incorporate her
passion for performance with Education. The rest as they say is history. The Rocking Future Career EXPO
was born and has continued to grow year after year.
The company went through many incarnations and has done many different educational shows in the
last 19 years but one thing has always remained – The passion to see the youth of SA educated, motivated
and inspired.”

Tell us about 3RC.

“By combining entertainment and motivation with education 3RC has become the gateway to schools in
South Africa. For more than two decades, 3RC has chosen to focus on face-to-face activations and
completed over 5500 live shows which have touched the lives of some 1 5 00 000 learners.
It is these learners that will become future leaders who will lead South Africa into a new era. To ready for
them for this herculean task it is imperative that they are educated, motivated and inspired and 3RC has
stepped up to the plate to facilitate this.

From our professionally produced magazines to our well organised shows and virtual expos we discuss a
wide range of topics including study choices, career options and the various philosophies of success. In
2021 we launched our virtual career expo, it was an unmitigated success.
Our passion is tangible and every person who works with 3RC whether it be a corporation or a school is
touched by our purpose, to change the face of education as we know it.”

What challenges do you face as a businesswoman/owner?

I believe that at every stage in your business growth, you face different challenges. In the beginning, it is to prove your worth and keep the lights on from month to month. If you are lucky to pass this stage you reach the time for growth and that can be as scary if not more than starting out. By this time there is much more to lose and more people dependent on your survival.
Once you reach the 20-year mark it is about innovation and staying on top of the changing times. For me, it is staying in touch with our audience and making sure that the message doesn’t get lost in translation. Personally, I feel the pressure of being relevant to my clients and the students we serve.”

What does success mean to you?

“This is such a loaded question. Success is a moving target, especially when you equate success with material wealth. With every change and addition to your company or life, the yardstick seems to move. In essence Success to me is waking up in the morning with purpose. Walking into an office where people are happy and excited to fulfil the vision I carry. Success to me is my children growing up around me while I loved what I did every day. Success to me is having the time to spend with people I love and cherish. Success is looking in the mirror and being proud of the person you are becoming. The search for success never stops.”

What advice would you give to a future Marketing Entrepreneur?

“In the 2005 movie “Robots” – there is a line that is pertinent for any entrepreneur. “see a need – fill a need” This is the core of any good business. I know many concentrate on the new and shiny but sometimes looking at an old system that is outdated and not working anymore could be the best inspiration for a new business idea.

When you start out you must understand that you will be everything in your business. You will not have the funds to hire experienced staff and your dogged determination and faith in your idea will be what feeds you every day. If you don’t believe in your idea or yourself rather pack it up right now. Remember that you are growing a new life when you build a business. It needs time to grow and all your attention. Always inspect what you expect from others. Stay humble. Keep learning. Never assume you have all the answers. That’s all the advice I can think of right now.”

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