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Talitha attributes much of her success to staying true to her core values, remaining grounded, learning from others, being open to help, and, most importantly, believing in oneself. Her definition of success transcends material wealth and external recognition; it encompasses personal growth, self-discovery, and aligning actions with passions and values.

Talitha’s inspiring journey serves as a testament to the transformative power of perseverance, self-belief, and staying true to one’s principles.

Tell us more about you and how your journey started.
Talitha Hendrina Oosthuizen was born in 1983. She matriculated in 2000 at Hoërskool Gourdrif in
Germiston, South Africa. Her journey in pageantry and modelling began in 1991 when she, an 8-
year-old girl, attended the Andrea Stelzer modelling school, where she won the model of the year.
Andrea Stelzer then became a mentor and an inspiration to her as she progressed in the modelling
world. That year, she won several events and competitions, and her disappointment at stopping at
the 4th round of Miss SA in 2002 only spurred her to more, as she finished 4th in the Mrs SA 2014.
Her photographic experience includes works for Elle- and Style magazine, among others.
When she was 11, she started dancing at the world-renowned Diana Moore Dance World in
Lambton. She competed for nine years at the end of which she won several titles. She has been a
main feature in videos for known artists such as Juanita du Plessis and Leani May. In 2011 she
received a dux award for her choreograph of Hoërskool Gourdrif’s bi-annual revue from 2006 – 2010.
 In the Academic Cadre she has so far:
·        Qualified in Beauty Therapy at SA College.
·        Qualified as a Make-up artist at Face-to-Face Beauty School.
·        Qualified in General Management at Boston College.
·        Bagged a Diploma in Digital Marketing.
·        Qualified Diploma as a senior Bookkeeper at Boston City Collage
She grew up in a family of entrepreneurs, so when she completed her diploma in Beauty therapy it
was inevitable to start her own company, after a few months of doing her internship and working as
a consultant at a La Prairie counter in Edgars, she decided it was time, so in 2004 Talitha opened her
very own Beauty Salon named Tujour Tu meaning; always you in French. She happily managed the
Salon for almost 9 years when she decided it was time to spread her wings into a new adventure.
Talitha had a discussion with her now brother-in-Law Gys who worked for Drifters at that stage an
overland touring company, he wanted to expand his horizons and the two of us decided why not
open our own Safari company and Bush Whisper Expeditions was born in 2007.
She is also a Co-owner of Bush Whisper Expeditions, a Johannesburg-based franchise established 16
years ago, to provide exclusive travel packages for both International and local tourists. Other arms
of the conglomerate include the franchise Bush Whisper Shop and Bush Whisper Logistics.
Talitha is actively invested in giving back to society as another arm of the organization; the Bush
Whisper Foundation exists to carry on within the Republic of South Africa one or more public benefit
activity which is of a philanthropic and benevolent nature, having regard to the needs, interests, and
well-being of the public.
Talitha Hendrina Oosthuizen has, over the years, been a purposeful visionary committed to inspiring
others to reach their full potential in life. She is the current Mrs. Tourism SA and was a nominee for
the Women in Tourism Global Awards in 2022.
Besides being part of Bush Whisper, she is also co-owner of Bee Tee Projects and Total Plastics CC.

She is actively involved in charity work and strives to impose a positive influence in the next
generation of South Africa. As a Proudly South African citizen, she wants to make a difference and be
part of the solution to empower a society of positive influential people who can take South Africa
from being mediocre to GREAT.
Happily married to Denys Oosthuizen for the past 13 years and her Christian values forms and
integral part of her daily life.
What was the toughest challenge getting to where you are today?
I have been challenged with many challenges in my life, but the most difficult part was to
know how to get through them and to understand who I am, if you don’t know who you are,
you are not going to know how to face these challenges. Challenges form part of your
journey, but my toughest challenge to date was the passing of my Father in 2021(he was not
only my mentor but my number one supporter) and I had to take over the company he so
passionately loved. Bee Tee Projects is a contracting and construction company. I had no
choice but to make my father proud and to be the daughter he brought up, strong,
passionate, goal driven, never to give up, and to make him proud. To give up and to close
the company never crossed my mind. Its in those moments where you truly learn who you
are and how strong your mind and will is. It’s an ongoing process but one I do accept as a
privileged and an honour.
The industry is male dominant which opposed another challenge, but a much easier
challenge to conquer. You must learn and understand the industry and outsmart the other
person with knowledge not by defining the person Infront of you. As the saying goes,
Knowledge is Power.
What value does a mentor have for entrepreneurs?
One of the most significant advantages of having a mentor is the ability to tap into their
wealth of knowledge and experience. They have weathered the storms of entrepreneurship
and can offer valuable advice on business decisions. Take, for example, the late Steve Jobs,
co-founder of Apple Inc., who attributed much of his success to his mentor, Bill Campbell.
Campbell, a renowned executive coach, provided Jobs with guidance and helped shape his
strategic thinking. Their mentor-mentee relationship played a pivotal role in Apple’s growth
and success.
The value of a mentor for entrepreneurs cannot be overstated. They provide guidance in
business decisions, foster personal and professional growth, open doors to networking
opportunities, and have a profound impact on the success of entrepreneurs. Aspiring
entrepreneurs, business students, and small business owners should actively seek out
mentorship opportunities to accelerate their growth and increase their chances of success.
So, embrace the power of mentorship and unlock your entrepreneurial potential.

How do you define success?
Success is a concept that holds different meanings for everyone. It encompasses
achievements, fulfilment, and growth, both in our personal and professional lives. Success
goes beyond material wealth or external recognition. It is about finding purpose,
experiencing personal growth, and living a life aligned with our values and passions.

Setting and achieving short-term goals provide us with a sense of accomplishment and
motivation. They act as steppingstones towards our long-term goals, which encompass
personal growth and self-improvement. It is through experiences and staying true to our
core values that we shape ourselves and find meaning in our personal journey.
As individuals grow and change, so does their perception of success. What once might have
been considered success may no longer hold the same significance. Embracing failures as
part of the growth process is essential, as they provide invaluable lessons and opportunities
for self-reflection. Success is not a destination but a continuous journey of growth and self-
discovery. Success is not merely an end goal or a destination. It reflects our personal growth,
self-discovery, and the alignment of our actions with our passions and values.
Remember, success is not defined solely by external achievements, but by the growth and
fulfilment we experience along the way.

What one piece of advice, if any, would you say helped you stay
strong throughout your journey?

Stay true to your core values, stay grounded, humble, learn from one another, don’t be to
ignorant to ask for help and nor to accept help and never give up, Believe in YOU.

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