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Ronewa Modau, a strong woman in business who is one of South Africa’s most ambitious and motivated businesswomen, was recently interviewed by Africa Talks Business. This brave businesswoman, started her own business after going through difficult challenges in life.

Tell us more about the company

Livrons Enterprise is a cleaning company founded by Ronewa Mudau,a single mother of 2 boys.I lost my job as a domestic worker and left my abusive marriage and started this company.

We offer post construction cleaning,residential,commercial,and post/pretty occupation cleaning.

What Impact is the company making

The company is helping mostly women with no qualifications,who do not have anywhere to start,by training and employing them for cleaning.

The biggest challenge that we face is marketing, we are still small and marketing seems to be costly,And we also need advanced cleaning equipment so that we can match our competitors in the industry.

What initiatives is the company involved in .

We are involved in an NPC called Fixing a Sister’s Crown.It is an organization that helps GBv victims regain their confidence and know that there is still life and more to achieve after GBV.

This was started from my own personal experience of GBV.

What does the company need to achieve goals.

We need more business,We need more clients so we can employ many people and eliminate poverty and unemployment.

How can you collaborate with the company

You can give us as much exposure to more business people who can give us business and reach out to the community that you cover to see how they can help us grow.

You can follow us on the following platforms.

Website: www.livrons.co.za

LinkedIn:Livrons Enterprise

Facebook: Livrons Enterprise

Or my personal Facebook account:Ronewa Mudau

Contact 0711083033

Email: admin@livrons.co.za

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