New Economic Paper Proposes a Game-Changing Approach to Winning the War on Drugs

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Economist and entrepreneur, Alan Levy, has just published a ground breaking paper detailing a novel strategy to combat the sale of illegal drugs: “The Sellers Dilemma:  Winning the War on Drugs.”

In this compelling piece, Levy simplifies the complexities of the illegal drug (ID) market by reducing it into a game with three main players: law enforcement (LE), end-user buyers (EUB), and sellers (S). He argues that the rules of this ‘game’ need a radical change to turn the tide in the war on drugs.

Currently, both EUBs and S are deemed offenders, effectively forming a clandestine relationship protecting each other from LE – a self-interest contract (SIC) of sorts. This contract, enforced by self-interest, provides sellers with an implicit expectation of confidentiality, despite the incremental risk of transactions with existing and new buyers.

Levy proposes a seismic shift in this system – a change in legislation that could potentially disrupt the current state of play: legalize the purchase of IDs while maintaining selling as a criminal offense. This change aims to dissolve the existing SIC, thereby creating what Levy terms a “Seller’s Dilemma.”

In the Seller’s Dilemma, every EUB becomes a potential collaborator with LE. The confidentiality the sellers previously relied upon dissipates, and each transaction now carries an asymmetrical risk. The EUB faces no legal consequences if they report the seller to LE, making the seller’s risk of exposure significantly higher.

This simple but profound alteration transforms the game from one of collusion between EUBs and S against LE to one of S against LE with EUBs as self-interested players. With time, the seller’s risk continues to escalate, and the game as we know it collapses.

“By implementing this strategy, we can drastically skew the risk-reward ratio for sellers in a way that deters continued engagement in drug trafficking. This could be a monumental shift in our fight against drugs,” stated Alan Levy.

Levy’s innovative and pioneering approach could fundamentally change the way we combat illegal drugs, potentially giving us the upper hand in the war on drugs. It is an idea that invites serious consideration and further discourse in legislative circles.

Moreover, Levy suggests that this logic could be applied to similar illegal activities such as bribery, implying that this approach could have far-reaching consequences beyond drug trafficking.

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By: Alan Levy

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