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Let’s face it, there are a lot of people out there calling themselves “entrepreneurs” when in fact, no one has heard of them, their business or are really sure what they actually do. Don’t let this be you.

I work with entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to market themselves, raise their profile and increase their client base and income. Once of the most essential things you can do for your life and business is to understand how to market yourself and your work.

Whatever industry you are in, having a strong ability to market yourself will serve you very well. Knowing how to do so allows you to get more clients, make more money and grow your business and income.

I want to share 8 strategies that you can use for yourself to market yourself and grow your business. Have a read through and notice which ones jump out at you. Be sure to take action and let me know how you get on!

Make promotion a priority

If you want to achieve something, then you have to make it a priority in your life. Going to the gym once every two weeks and eating pizza all day is a clear sign that fitness is not a priority for you right now. It’s the same in business,  make promoting yourself a priority and give it the time and attention that it requires to be fruitful.

Ask yourself: How can I make promotion a priority in my life?

Understand yourself as a brand

You aren’t like anyone else, and you aren’t meant to be either. Learning to understand yourself as a brand that you are selling is one of the best ways to massively increase your vision of yourself and get clear on who you really are. People buy people, not certificates or qualifications (sorry guys!)  Successful people understand this concept very well. You really ARE your own brand.

Ask yourself: What makes me unique and how can I play this up more in my business?

Know your ideal clients…well

Before you start marketing to people you need to know and understand them really well. Vague understanding of this will get you vague results.

Spend some time and really think about what your ideal clients want and need from you, the more you can understand this the more powerful your results will be. I’ve massively increased my own income and sales through spending more time  getting to know what my ideal clients want and I would like to encourage you to do the same.

Ask yourself: How can I understand my ideal clients and what they need from me more?

Get clear on the benefits of working with you

Potential clients and customers care about one thing and one thing only. “What’s in it for me?” the truth is, no one really cares how you do something, they care about what they get from it. It amazes me how many people aren’t crystal clear on the benefits of working with them and then wonder why they are stuck. If you aren’t super clear about the benefits of working with you, about why someone should invest in you rather than someone else then your potential clients can’t be either.

Ask yourself: What unique benefits do I bing to my clients?

Create problem solving content

One of the best ways to build trust amongst your audience and get clients to come to you is to create what I call “problem solving content” literally, blogs, newsletters, videos and articles specifically designed to solve a problem, answer a question or make people feel good. By doing this, you deepen your relationship with your ideal clients and massively increase your business.

Ask yourself: What can I share in my content to help people?

Give people a strong call to action

You need to let people know what you want them to do. At the end of every article, video, blog post or news letter should be a strong call to action. Call me now to book an appointment, download my free audio program, email us now to book your assessment. Whatever is appropriate for your industry, tell people!

When I started being more direct I got a huge increase in new client enquiries that resulted in a higher level of income. People can’t read your mind so you need to tell them what you want them to do.

Ask yourself: How can I let my ideal clients know the next step to take?

Position yourself as an expert

No one hires a coach who “thinks” they can help them and no body invests in a business that “might, sort of” do well. The fact is, people buy from and work with experts. You already are an expert because no one else has your approach and background.

Learning how to get featured in the media is one of the best things that you can do for your income ad lifestyle, I know because it totally changed mine, doing so makes you an easier yes for people to work with, helps ideal clients come to you and allows you to charge more for what you do.

Ask yourself: What story could I create about my work to help reach more clients?

Invest in yourself and your business

Probably ne of the most important things I could ever advise you to do for yourself and your business is to invest in learning from people who know more than you do about something.  You save yourself a huge amount of time and energy by listening to people who are further along than you. People come to me when they want to learn more about marketing themselves to attract more clients and increase their income.  Think about what you can invest in learning to take your life and business to the next level and you’ll be glad you did.

Ask yourself: What can I invest in to take my business to the next level?

Credit – Taken from – 8 Ways To Market Yourself As A Young Entrepreneur – Under30CEO

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