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Arash Rezaei recently granted Africa Talks Business the honour of speaking with him. A well-known, successful, and determined speaker, author, and entrepreneur. When Arash founded StartX, he recognised a market gap and applied all of his expertise to building a platform that addresses a significant problem facing entrepreneurs and investors. According to Arash, his company’s goal is to close the gap and lessen the amount of industry-wide startup failures.

Read the complete interview below:

  1. Tell us more about the company, and how its journey started.

    “StartX A Business”

    An easy to use digital platform that is a world first in many ways with features such as business and legal services by advisors, loyalty options for aspiring entrepreneurs with fresh ideas, growing business owners or businesses in need of a restructure.

    Which started after seeing the problems of the investment industry where investors rarely get the deals they are looking for and founders often do not know where to go to with their innovation.

2. What was the toughest challenge getting to where you are today?

Technology has been a very challenging journey of perfecting a system that does what we promise it will do.

3. What impact does the company hope to make in Africa?

Access to funding like never before for innovation and advisors to overcome the stat that 80% of sme’s fail within 3 years.
Along with the cure to unemployment where anyone can become an advisor in their field.

4. How has the Tech Market changed in the recent years?

Massively, specially with the creation of AI being accessible to users now.
The 4th industrial revolution is in full swing now and there is no stopping it.

5. How important is Authenticity in your space?

Extremely, the world doesn’t need another Uber or Amazon.
New concepts of value will be what is needed to evolve humanity.

6. What do Tech Entrepreneurs need to know right now?

Persistence, the entire industry is made of hurdles to overcome as they say “if it was easy everyone would be doing it”.

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