What Apps Will Help Me Grow My Business?

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Starting your own business is not a simple task. As a busy entrepreneur, it’s essential to be able to focus on your business anywhere.  Today, mobile technology greatly helps you connect with clients, increase productivity, and sell on the go.

Here are seven of the best apps for business growth!

Best Apps for Business Growth

App #1. Slack

Slack is a neat app to increase work productivity that allows you to communicate quickly with your colleagues.

You can share links, pictures, and files either one-on-one or with multiple people at the same time through different channels.

The app is available as a web app as well as in the iOS and Google Play App store.

Slack App

App #2: LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a great social media site for professional networking. It’s a convenient way to keep in contact with friends, old colleagues, and network connections; all of which might be interested in your new business.

LinkedIn helps you keep track of your professional connections and provides a way to market your business to people in your industry.

Creating a LinkedIn page for your business and displaying it across company profiles helps with brand recognition and business growth.

LinkedIn is available through a web browser, as well as iOS and Android.

LinkedIn App

App #3: Calendly

Calendly is a web and computer based application that helps you schedule your busy life, and can help you keep track of meetings with ease.

The app provides an easy way for clients, partners, or friends to schedule meetings with you. Calendly also syncs with your Google Calendar.

Calendly App

App #4: Expensify

Expensify is a great app to write up expense reports for your business. There are many things that a growing company needs to purchase and Expensify helps track these expenses.

Expensify records your purchase data, makes reports, and helps you reimburse employees. Expensify gathers all your purchasing data for your finance team to facilitate financial reporting.

Expensify is available through a web browser or as an iOS or Google Play App.

Expensify App

App #5: Badger Maps

Badger Maps is a great app to get your product or service to your customers. Badger is a field sales route optimization app that helps you visit customers more efficiently.

The app allows users to visualize CRM data and find the fastest route for every stop in their day.

You can also get weekly reports to track the progress of client visits. Badger Maps helps field sales reps save time and fit more meetings into their schedule.

The app is available as a Web App as well as in the iOS and Google Play App store.

Badger Maps App

App #6: Twitter

Twitter is a great resource for growing businesses, it enables you to engage with customers and PR leaders. Following clients helps you gain deeper insights on topics that are important to them.

Moreover, you can tweet to inform customers about new product updates or news. Twitter is a convenient way to stay up to date on the latest industry events.

Promoting your company on Twitter increases brand awareness and helps you connect to your customers.

You can also use Twitter’s Analytics feature to track followers and engagement rate.

Twitter App

App #7: CamScanner

CamScanner is a useful app for on-the-go document sharing. It enables you to take photos of documents and convert them to PDF or JPG. CamScanner also provides cloud storage so you can access and share your documents anywhere.

CamScanner is available as an iOS or Google Play App.

CamScanner App

These 7 apps for business are great tools for productivity, communication, and can serve as truly great opportunities to facilitate growth.

You should pick and choose the ones that best fit into your daily business processes.

Each of them can contribute to helping your new business thrive.

Credit – Taken from – https://www.startups.com/library/expert-advice/top-7-apps-that-help-you-grow-your-business

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