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Tell us more about the company, and how its journey started.

A media and publishing organisation called Africa Talks Business seeks to unite Africa by telling
the tales of business owners and entrepreneurs. We are committed to delivering timely, reliable
news that can be seen worldwide.
The goal of Africa Talks Business is to attract CEOs, leaders, entrepreneurs, and innovators.
We want to create a significant brand that covers all aspects of business in Africa.
Africa Talks Business is a magazine and TV channel with a publication. We aim to be one of the
biggest firms in Africa to feature business owners and provide you with news that is based on

What impact does the company hope to make in Africa?

By regularly communicating with the public, we seek to keep everyone informed about events in
Africa. We also intend to have an influence by connecting members of the Africa Talks Business
community, putting them in a position to advance both their own personal and professional
development as well as the development of African businesses. To encourage trade and unity,
we would want to bring together enterprises.

What challenges are being faced by the company at the moment.

At the moment one of the bigger challenges Africa Talks Business is facing in the negative
narrative that larger media companies are putting onto Africa, we are hoping to change this and
showcase the true and real African narrative and what is truly going on in the continent in Africa,
by showing the opportunities and good stories not just the negative news and the struggles
faced in Africa. Africa is deemed to be poor and sad by the Media but there is a huge influx of
intelligent people, beautiful cultures and the continents are rich with resources and minerals, this
is what we hope to achieve by showcasing African News. We are promoting a different narrative
in Africa, one that will change lives and offer up hope to communities and the youth.

What does the company need right now to achieve its goals?

Africa Talks Business needs a community of driven individuals, including journalists, writers,
speakers, and the local community to get on board and start watching and reading Africa Talks
Business content, by doing this we will start penetrating the hearts of our readers and we can
start growing the company while growing and impacting the lives of those who watch and read

Tell us more about Africa Talks Business TV

Africa Talks Business TV is a new Segment we have Launched that is on our
AfricaTalksBusinesssTV Youtube Channel, we are positioning ourselves for being a news
channel and providing relevant weekly news updates for the continent, we realize that reading
may not be suited for all of the people we want to reach and in order for us to bring news to
everyone we would like to create video content and news updates for those we prefer to watch
headlines and be updates in a short space of time.

What Is Your Vision ?

To connect Africa through stories.

By: Africa Talks Business Team

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