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All Things Laundry, a dynamic African small business wanting to grow throughout Africa, recently spoke with Africa Talks Business. All Things Laundry offers flawless, round-the-clock service. We learn more about how All Things Laundry is different in the market and how their journey began from a great team and expert personnel.

Tell us more about the company, and how its journey started.

1. We are laundromat service company that caters for household and 
corporate laundry, including fabric cleaning for exhibition companies 
and linen cleaning for restaurants. The journey started back in 2018 
when my wife and I were pregnant with twins, our frustration from a poor 
service delivery from a laundromat service provider, was
the reason the business was born, we saw a service delivery gap and took 
up the opportunity.

How is the company unique from competition?

2. The company is extremely unique in a sense that we often operate on a 
24-hour basis depending on the amount of work, we are a customer driven 
operations with a good turnaround time.

What advice would you give to someone in the same

3. My advice to someone in the same industry would be, it’s not an easy 
journey as most people would like to think, take time to work on your 
craft and never be discouraged to work on the process, give it your best 
and the results will follow.

Is the company looking to expand, if so where and how?

4. We are definitely looking to expand; the aim is to have a footprint 
in every province then ultimately try take the business model across 
Africa and to the world.

What does the company need right now to achieve its goals?

5. The company at the moment needs an open/free land, rezone the area 
and build a laundry warehouse.

Where can we follow the company and get in touch?

6. You can find us on most of the social media platforms, Facebook: All 
Things Laundry, Twitter: Althingslaundry, Instagram: Allthingslaundry 
and our website:

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