Hunting Transnet’s ‘ghost trains’

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Transnet has launched an investigation into allegations of severe corruption in the form of “ghost trains”, implicating some Transnet employees and third parties.

So-called “ghost trains” are trains which are not scheduled formally by Transnet with no revenue flowing back to Transnet.

Such trains would have been arranged off the books between certain Transnet employees and customers, and points to severe graft and corruption.

Transnet said it has referred the allegations for independent investigation, given that these serious allegations have not yet been accompanied by supporting evidence.

In the course of the investigation, the whistle-blowers, implicated persons and relevant customers mentioned will all be approached for statements.

“To the extent that the allegations are proven correct, Transnet will act swiftly. In advance, we appreciate the transparent collaboration of all involved,” the parastatal said.

Transnet has previously embroiled in numerous graft allegations linked to state capture, with former Transnet executives Brian Molefe, Anoj Singh, and Siyabonga Gama, along with several others facing criminal charges.

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