Exclusive Company Interview: Featuring Style ID Africa with Director Tami Ruschin.

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Recently, Tami Ruschin, the Director of Style ID Africa, was interviewed by Africa Talks Business. Tami is one of South Africa’s Leading Ambitious Women in the area of influencer marketing. This expanding platform offers information about their distinctive approach to influencer marketing and the valuable contributions they are making to Brands and Influencers.
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Tell us about Style ID Africa: 

“Style ID Africa was conceptualised and founded in 2019 with the vision to empower advertisers and influencer’s across Africa. While it was still early days of influencer marketing in South Africa with only a handful of local players, the timing was perfect. Style ID was created with the idea of putting the success of the client foremost and empowering advertisers with the knowledge, data and transparency to reach the right audience with new-age marketing tools. The vision together with the aspiration made Style ID Africa what it is today – A specialised influencer marketing agency and technology platform.”

What makes Style ID unique in the influencer marketing industry:

“The Style ID Africa platform https://www.styleid.co.za/ allows influencers and content creators to register for free. Our technology will then vet the influencer and upon acceptance the influencer is able to create their own account and upload their own user-generated content including images and video, tagging brands.”

  • We are Africa-centric

“Brands and agencies can tap into our “opt-in” influencer marketplace, understand the unique culture and behaviours of African markets with creators and influencers vetted and categorised per country, region, age, gender, interest and channel focus.”

  • Innovation with a human approach

“Innovation is at the core of our business. We provide brands and agencies with new and innovative influencer marketing strategies and solutions. We do not believe in cut and paste and what applies for one brand is different for another. From affiliate marketing to extended reality our hands on teams and cutting-edge technology keep brands ahead of its competition.”

  • Performance driven

“Whether you are just starting your influencer marketing journey or require a more advanced approach, we measure the success of your campaigns at every stage of the influencer program. Our approach is results driven and through our data and insights we help you scale your influencer marketing campaigns.”

What challenges does Style ID face on a daily basis?

  • “The current influencer landscape is very saturated with PR and other agencies taking on influencer marketing as a service as well as some brands moving influencer marketing in-house. The challenge is that specialist influencer agencies like Style ID Africa need to fight for “a seat at the table” as brands are more sceptical to take on new agencies and sometimes prefer to have their current agencies (PR and the likes) implement their influencer campaigns without the extensive knowledge of the industry. “
  • “The local market is still slow to adoption. While lots of brands use influencer marketing, it’s still focused on product exchanges, Instagram and using macro/mega influencers as opposed to venturing into TikTok, utilising XR and more authentic storytelling with nano- and micro- influencers. The key challenge here is brands not being open to exploring innovative influencer marketing solutions and reporting metrics. Some brands only want content and reach in return as opposed to actual sales and ROI but that could come down to education which is what Style ID Africa invests a lot of our time in.”

What kind of economic impact does Style ID have?

“Style ID empowers influencers and content creators through providing them with legitimate monetisation opportunities that leverage our expertise and authority of the influencer landscape. Our understanding of industry standards provides them protection and equity in negotiations, contracts and remuneration. We ensure that influencers and content creators are treated as valid entrepreneurs whose time, skill and effort is appropriately valued and thus having a positive impact on the economy.”

How can influencers join Style ID Africa?

“Influencers can register for free on https://www.styleid.co.za/ Once the system has vetted their profiles on their various social media channels they will either receive an acceptance or rejection email. From there, if accepted, they can login, create their profile and start uploading their content and tagging brands. We accept influencers within all categories, from all African countries.”

Find Style ID Africa – https://www.styleid.co.za/

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